Sunday, December 25, 2005

Interrupt, Tangential

If you've liked the fiction you've listened to so far on this program, you might be interested to hear "Night Off," which was just podcasted over at Escape Pod, the science fiction podcast magazine. It's a flash piece (or story grenade, in the words of Greg van Eekhout), and is, in my humble opinion, just the right thing to start off your holiday season. Stephen Eley does an excellent job reading the story (even if he's getting over a cold), so go give it a listen.

I've added a few more links to the Podcasts of Interest section at the sidebar on the right (including Daniel Emery's Brief Glimpses of Something Else, Ed Champion's Bat Segundo Show, and Michael Stackpole's The Secrets), and recommend them all if you have time to listen.

Happy holidays!

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