Thursday, December 29, 2005

Episode 2.5: Review of a Teacher Man

A memoir is reviewed. The next podcast is discussed.

Referenced Sites

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
McCourt reading at Jones Auditorium, Meredith College

Music by 7 Seconds of Love

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Interrupt, Tangential

If you've liked the fiction you've listened to so far on this program, you might be interested to hear "Night Off," which was just podcasted over at Escape Pod, the science fiction podcast magazine. It's a flash piece (or story grenade, in the words of Greg van Eekhout), and is, in my humble opinion, just the right thing to start off your holiday season. Stephen Eley does an excellent job reading the story (even if he's getting over a cold), so go give it a listen.

I've added a few more links to the Podcasts of Interest section at the sidebar on the right (including Daniel Emery's Brief Glimpses of Something Else, Ed Champion's Bat Segundo Show, and Michael Stackpole's The Secrets), and recommend them all if you have time to listen.

Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Episode 2: Buddhist Studies/Enlightenment

The second podcast.

Buddhism is discussed. A story is read.

"Enlightenment" [Read]
   —Publication in Intracities, October 2003
   —Reprint in Infinity Plus, May 2005
A little old Asian man stands in front, with two younger guys about my age behind him. All their heads are shaved, and they wear these billowy red robes over one shoulder. None of them stand over five and a half feet, so at six-four I tower over them. The scent of exotic spices and faint body odor drifts into the apartment. Despite my knowledge that they were looking for me, the sight of these three Asian monks has struck me dumb. The younger monk on the left looks to his friend on the right and scuffs his sandal on the hallway carpet.

"Mr. Ray Heilig?" the old monk in front says, with only a trace of an accent.

I clear my throat and nod.

"May we come in?"
Referenced Sites

Geek Fu Action Grip
I Should Be Writing
Bodhi Day
LundBlog: Bodhi Day Ruminations
Tibet, Tibet
Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio
Escape Pod
Amnesty International
Habitat for Humanity
Heifer International

Music by Heelix

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Episode 1.5: Reviews of Two Strange Girls

Two books are reviewed, just in time for the holidays. One other is mentioned.

Referenced Sites

The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl by Tim Pratt
The Girl in the Glass by Jeffrey Ford
Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest

Music by 7 Seconds of Love

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Episode 1: Introductions/Songstress

The first podcast.

Introductions are made. A story is read.

"Songstress" [Read]
   —Publication in Electric Velocipede no. 5, Fall 2003
   —Honorable Mention, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, vol. 17, 2004
   —Reprint in The Virtuous Medlar Circle, October 2005
The Singer stands alone in the Great Hall, shivering. Her bare feet stick to the cool marble floor, which sends chills throughout her body. She wears a thin sleeveless shirt that is nearly translucent, and a simple green skirt that stops just above her knees. The only other article on her body is the small gold bracelet that he gave her; the charlatan, the liar. She hates him yet cannot part with his gift.

The room soon fills with men in sharp tuxedos and women in the latest finery and hairstyles. They wander into the hall, ignoring the Singer, taking their places at the cushioned seats to the far end. The air is pervaded with aimless chatter, crisp footsteps, and squeaking chair legs. As the last person sits, the Host and Hostess of the Evening enter behind the Singer. They saunter past her, flaunting their wealth in her face, making it absolutely known that they are in charge, that she is nothing. The Host smirks at the Singer and she inhales sharply, her hand involuntarily flitting to her bracelet.

"Now board the chariot to the capital of Allegory in the realm of Technical Fantasy . . . It succeeds rather well."
       —Alan Lattimore for Tangent

Referenced Sites

Most Excellent and Lamentable
Two Cranes Press
Clarion Writer's Workshop
Acting with the Voice
Escape Pod
Kyler England

Music by Heelix

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