Thursday, December 22, 2005

Episode 2: Buddhist Studies/Enlightenment

The second podcast.

Buddhism is discussed. A story is read.

"Enlightenment" [Read]
   —Publication in Intracities, October 2003
   —Reprint in Infinity Plus, May 2005
A little old Asian man stands in front, with two younger guys about my age behind him. All their heads are shaved, and they wear these billowy red robes over one shoulder. None of them stand over five and a half feet, so at six-four I tower over them. The scent of exotic spices and faint body odor drifts into the apartment. Despite my knowledge that they were looking for me, the sight of these three Asian monks has struck me dumb. The younger monk on the left looks to his friend on the right and scuffs his sandal on the hallway carpet.

"Mr. Ray Heilig?" the old monk in front says, with only a trace of an accent.

I clear my throat and nod.

"May we come in?"
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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this. It makes me want to try doing my own podcast. :)

-David (Groundbyground)

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Thanks, David! I say go for it.