Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This will be the last episode for a little while. I need a break, at least for a month. So I'm going on a podcast hiatus at least until November, so I can focus on writing. Teaching eats into so much of my writing time anyway, and my progress has dropped to astoundingly low levels.

So I'll be back hopefully in November with the start of Series 3. I'll have more fiction and reviews, as well as a guest story by Hal Duncan and a guest review by Mark Teppo. Hope to talk at y'all then.


Anonymous said...

We'll miss you, but you deserve time off to "sit quietly, doing nothing".

I just recently found your podcast, and consider it my number one favorite.

Oh, and frist psot!

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Thanks for the very nice words, anon. I'm glad to hear you like the podcast.

Although, for the record, I won't be sitting quietly, doing nothing. Writing is very much an active activity.