Thursday, June 15, 2006

Series 2, Episode 04: One Big Crunch

Literary Reading

"One Big Crunch" [Read]
   —Publication in OPi8: New Dark Culture, July 2005
Dashed yellow lines strobe past in my headlights, rolling to the left under the car, dividing the asphalt into neat little lanes. The trees flash by in the darkness, blurred purgatory grey. I pull the Mustang out of my lane, line up those pulsing yellow dashes dead center in my grille. I edge the wheel to the left, back to the right, taunting, teasing. The beltline around Raleigh, North Carolina is desolate at 3 a.m., free of witnesses. White Zombie roars out of the speakers: ". . . eye for an eye and a tooth for the truth . . ." I nose the Mustang past sixty, past seventy, past eighty. I’m all over the road now.

Flashing blue lights appear behind me and I smile.

Caution: contains some adult material and potentially disturbing imagery

Music by Cargo Cult

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End of line.

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