Thursday, March 02, 2006

Episode 5: Solipsister

The fifth podcast.

A story is read. New releases, writing advice, and the death of a science fiction genius are discussed.

"Solipsister" [Read]
   —Publication in Electric Velocipede no. 9, Fall 2005
This was a situation that would normally have panicked him, or perhaps driven him insane, but there was something soothing about the whiteness. It had a comforting womb-like quality; he felt warm and loved. Time seemed to have no meaning in this place, and Raymond was content to exist here forever.

A streak of grey flashed across his vision, and he momentarily thought it a hallucination or a remnant of his imagination, but soon another followed, then another. The streaks gathered and formed shapes, first circles, then large stars which spun erratically. The whiteness darkened to grey, while the stars glowed orange and then yellow. Raymond felt pressure against his eyes, surprised at the sensation, and realized that the jumping and spinning stars were once again the result of him rubbing his eyelids too hard. He could feel his fists being removed from his face, and his arms lowering to his sides.

He opened his eyes.

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