Friday, January 27, 2006

Episode 3.5: Audioblog/Reviews of Collections/Novel Progress

PodcasterCon round-up. LLD news. Chinese New Year. Wal-Mart Effect. Two books reviewed. More listed. Novel progress. Moleskine notebooks.

Referenced Sites

Triangle Area Chinese American Society
The Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman
Looking for Jake by China MiƩville
How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers
Moleskine Notebooks

Music by Cargo Cult

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Clare said...

Jason: Well that was easy! Thank you so much - am listening to you now...Have to say I'm impressed, very professional sounding and interesting. Will report back further in a couple of days.

D said...

Great job Jason! I used to only use the computer to write, but now I enjoy writing by hand a lot as well. I carry a small moleskin for writing down story ideas and a large moleskin notebook for writing scenes or dialouge. Thanks a lot for playing my promo! Send me yours whenever it is ready.
Xin Nian Hao!

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Thanks, Clare! Glad you're enjoying it so far.

Gung Hay Fat Choy, Daniel! And you're very welcome about the promo; it is tres cool. Yeah, moleskines are awesome little notebooks, and thanks to the profusion of them out there now, I don't think I'll need to buy anymore for a while.